IT skills

web technology

  • Github code management, review and team development experience
  • Infrastructure code management using Docker
  • Creating web applications and API using Ruby on Rails
  • Vue.js
  • Experience of IoT development using AWSIoTCore and drone (Tello)
  • VUI development(Alexa Skill Kit)

Image and spatial processing

  • AzureKinect, Kinect v2, OpenPose(for posture estimation)
  • Image processing technology
  • 3D modeling by Metashape
  • Object recognition and segmentation

Programming language(for research or work)



  • Embedded development(PIC, AVR, H8, Arduino, mbed, M5Stack)
  • .NET Framework
  • English / Chinese daily conversation level
  • Japanese native level


  • Ruby Programmer “Silver”
  • TOEIC 795

Skills I want to improve

Spatial computing

  • Spatial grasp technology using a depth sensor
  • XR technology by HoloLens

Chinese language (Business level)

Tokyo Institute of Technology

My research

Research fields: Human engineering/Biopsychology/Image processing/Statistics

Past paper: “Influence of expectation for rewards on pupil information during an interactive game

Current research theme: “Evaluation of cognitive physical ability of elderly people by stair climbing motion analysis”

Camera tool: Azure Kinect

Extracurricular activity

Created a human-powered airplane. Engineered tailor steering mechanism and steering system(fly by wire).

Test flights

Test flights every week

Birdman Contest 2017

Awarded 5th in the distance category

Share knowledge among students

Developed “Shirupedia”

Automatically imaged Q&A are shared among students
Test env
Period: 9 months
people: 3
Responsibilities: PM web infrastructure API
Technology: Ruby on Rails / Docker / React native
Understand the emotion of dogs

Developed “dog-walking tool”

Acquire time-series GPS information of daily dog ​​walking routes and notify the information
Save people by “Communication”

Lifesaving drone

Technology:Tello/Python/AWS/Alexa Skill Kit/Linebot(webhook)

Junior high and high school days

I started electronic work using PIC and AVR in my junior high school. During high school, I managed a physics club which has 60 members.

Built a claw crane

Technology: Arduino boot file on AVR. Two DC motors and five servo motors are controlled.
2012/03 ~ 2012/10
2012/10 ~ (Improvement)
People: 1

Directed the robot production team

Period: 2013
People: 7

Built an AI on a robot

Technology: Catapillar controlled by Arduino
Period: 2013
People: 1