Live with COVID-19

Easy to work thanks to COVID-19

The other day I traveled to Nagano by car and came to a place where there was little physical contact with people. I stay here for a while.

I’ve started remote work voluntarily when the number of infected people in Tokyo reached about 60 per day. It’s been a month since then. The laboratory allowed remote connections, so I don’t feel any inconvenience. On the contrary, it is convenient to have a meeting online. I hope that remote work will not be prohibited again if the COVID-19 settles down.

Now, what I felt so much about this corona situation is the limit of the centralized system. Of course, the concentration of power in urban areas and those with power spread the infection. From a political perspective, I feel that there is too little time for the government to take the initiative to make decisions, for example, whether a public bath can be open for business or not. How about a “super” public bath???

I suppose that we should gradually adopt an autonomous distributed system in the future.

In other words, it is desirable for each individual to act autonomously in a physically sparse state. Of course, we shouldn’t move around independently but act according to some rules. However, I think that the rules should not be decided by humans. Because when a human decides a rule, there is emotion in it, which leads to a delay in decision making. The rules should be decided by AI.

AI is good at pattern recognition and classification problems, so there is no reason not to use it. There already has an infrastructure to collect data that people want to get. For example, when we solve the classification problem of business licenses for public baths, you can use the size of an area, quantification of people’s entrance and exit, and whether there is an opportunity to eat and drink as predictors.

As of April 20, there are 238 deaths in COVID-19 in Japan. Of course, the significant increase in the number of fatalities is a problem, but what I feel is the most problematic: the social systems that remain in the old style, the structure of decision making, and the mind of individuals who do not act autonomously. If we make good use of the virus and change our mindset, we may be able to live in a more comfortable world!


Recently, my style is to convey my thoughts without hiding, but I wonder I shouldn’t do it so……

I want to do it after I achieve some results.


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